How A Spa Retreat Can Improve Your Life


A health spa retreat may be just what you need to get back on the right track. Most people can look back and recognize the trigger that started a weight gain. They may see what caused them to start getting sick all the time. Well, a spa retreat can be that pivotal point that takes you in the right direction.


In this busy, over-committed world, we seldom have enough time to even rest. In fact, most doctors say that up to 80% of all populations are sleep deprived. Going without sleep increases the stress-ors in the body, causing toxins to build up and contributing to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other chronic health problems.

With a health spa retreat, believe it or not, you can finally get the rest you need. This is because you are on an actual retreat – not just a holiday. On a holiday, you have the rush of travel and caring for your family’s needs. You may even take phone calls from the office and check emails. On a retreat, you withdraw from all outside responsibilities. Scheduling is done so that you are in your room at a decent hour, with plenty of time to get caught up on your sleep. In many cases, you will find that your sleep clock is reset, and you can take your new-found ability to sleep home with you.



Why can’t we get credit for all the exercise we get every day just running errands? Well, there have been studies that cite how many calories you burn shopping for groceries, or ironing clothes. But at a health spa retreat, you have scheduled exercise every day. That may be something you do not get unless you are fortunate enough to have a treadmill in your office.

Even better, your exercise regimen will be developed to fit your own needs and capabilities. This is not boot camp, it is a spa retreat. You will not be expected to hike 20 miles, or to 500 push-ups. If you have bad knees, the trainers at the retreat will craft exercise schedules that will not harm your knees.

Many retreats will use yoga for your exercise routine. This will stretch your ligaments and muscles and improve your balance. You will find that you get that initial soreness out at the retreat, making it easier to keep up with your exercises when you get home.


Another issue that plagues us on a daily basis is our diet. We may mean to eat well, but find ourselves grabbing snacks on the run. At a health spa retreat, there is a chef on hand, along with dieticians, who develop meals for each need. Are you a diabetic? Perhaps you cannot tolerate gluten. The meals will be planned out for each dietary need so that you can regain your balance and correct your metabolism. You’ll be healthier, and feel better than ever. You can even take recipes back with you for your everyday life!

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