Do Something Different With Your Home Plant Pots


Plant pots are for more than just holding dirt and plants. Don’t believe me? Then, just take a look at some of the outrageous ideas on Pinterest. There are some of the most creative minds, who can take something as simple as a terra cotta plant pot and create all kinds of crafts.

Fairy Garden


You can make a fairy garden with a new or old pot. You can even use a broken pot, for added interest. The idea of a fairy garden is to create a combination of a doll house and terrarium. You select small plants such as ferns and mosses. The ferns will serve as “trees” in your garden. Select a pretty rock or two, and that can become a mountain.
Really crafty people can take sections of bark and form a shed or tiny cabin, with decorative pebbles as stepping stones. The prettiest fairy gardens are done by creating several levels, so a large pot is often preferred. This is where a broken pot is helpful, because the broken section will reveal more soil, allowing you to tier the garden.
Some people go so far as to use miniature doll house furniture in their fairy garden, creating entire landscapes. These adorable gardens can even be lit with tiny LED lampposts and Christmas lights. They are engaging, imaginative, and lovely additions to your home or garden.


Water Feature

Simple plant pots can be combined to make lovely water features. The fountain can be scaled up or down, based on the amount of space you have available. It can be beautiful on your deck, as a destination point in your garden, or as a nice accent in your home.
You can purchase a fountain kit at most home improvement or landscaping supply stores. You will need a reservoir for the majority of water. This will be the largest pot.

You will place the pump at the bottom of the reservoir, with the feeder tube extending up as far as you want it. Carefully plan the series of pots you want to use to make your fountain. Usually, a descending size of pot is preferred toward the top, for symmetry purposes.
You can use pots made of any material you want. This will affect the pitch generated by the falling water, with metal being more resonant. The angle at which you tilt the pots, and the distance the water falls, will affect the volume of the fountain.


You can actually make figurines with flower pots. You can turn a large pot upside down and paint a face on it, such as a snowman or scarecrow. Inside the rim, attach a length of rope or decorative fabric on opposite sides. Trail these out the sides, and feed them through the holes in two small pots. These will serve as the “arms of your figurine. Suspended from the hole in the bottom of the large pot, suspend two longer lengths of rope, fed through the holes in two more small pots. These will be the legs and the feet of the figurine.

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