Plus Sized Clothing For Winter


The plus sized woman often dreads winter. Besides being cold and icy, the added bulk of winter clothing doesn’t always encourage the plus-sized woman. However, with a little shopping savvy, and a little confidence, you can rock the winter look.

Face It


Come on, fact it. You’re not a size 12. Heck, you’re probably not even a size 18. Stop waiting until you are a size 12 to feel good about yourself. Feel great now, by dressing in those quality materials and great styles that make you look like a million.

Reduce Bulk

Quite often, winter wardrobes are layered. While this can be a lot of fun, it can also be uncomfortable, regardless of your weight. You can reduce the bulk of your winter clothing by purchasing sweaters, scarves, and other clothing items that are lightweight. Smaller knit fabrics won’t bind as much when you’re having to dress in layers.

Add Bulk

On the other hand, if you enjoy bulky, rib-knit sweaters, there is no reason to avoid them. Often, in fairly seasonable weather, you can dispense with the bulky overcoat and just wear a nice, heavy sweater. I found a nice place to buy sweaters called The Pink Rooster. The plus sized woman can accessorize that plush sweater with scarves, jewelry, and boots, and totally own the season.

Several Coats

Where I grew up, winter lasted about 2 months, and we hoped for a freeze that would last for 3 days so that it would kill the boll weevils. My sisters and I each had a winter coat, and that was it. Then, one day, I met a transplant from New York City. She had no less than FIVE winter coats! They were fashion statements for her, and they were beautiful! She had a red one with pleats and bell-shaped sleeves, an ankle length black leather one – well, the list goes on. That’s when I realized that coats are not just for keeping you warm; you could wear a blanket for that. Coats are for STYLE! I now have 3 winter coats. One is for December, one for January, and one just for fun. I’m a big girl, and I love my new coats. And, do you know what people notice? They don’t notice the size of the coat, they notice how stylish I am.



Jewelry, scarves, boots, wraps, hats, you name it, all these accessories are the polish that makes you shine. You will pull the entire look together with your accessories. The key here is to count to 10. If you’re worried about not adding enough, or might add too many accessories, count them all. For example, you’re wearing a scarf, stacked bangles on one wrist, a cuff on the other wrist. You’re wearing a couple of rings, earrings, a belt, and cuffs with your knee boots. That totals 9 accessories. Boots count as an accessory, because they help to establish your style and make a statement. Oh, your bag makes 10. So, you’re a perfect 10 with your accessories. The minimum should be about 5. Less than 5 accessories make you look underdressed.