Refresh Yourself With A Trip To A B&B


Are you planning a holiday in the UK? As you peruse lodging selections, remember to add an often overlooked option – the bed and breakfast. B&Bs, to this day, suffer from stereotyping as overly-frumpy manifestations of a crazy cat-lady’s idea of hospitality. The truth is, B&Bs are far from the cliché.



One of the images many people have of the bed and breakfast is a remote location. It is often assumed that the B&B is a lonely farm house that the owner has converted to a business in order to try to save the farm.

The truth is, you can find B&Bs everywhere. In today’s entrepreneurial atmosphere, if farm houses are converted to inns, you can bet it’s because the owners know that people want to be in the country, away from the hustle and bustle. It’s not a desperate attempt to rent out a single room that shares the family bath. It’s an honest-to-goodness escape to the country.

But, there is more. You can find the most charming B&Bs smack in the middle of town! In fact, some of the most comfortable lodgings are located in the older districts of town and cities, where the finest restaurants and historic sights are. Since these were once private residences – and may still be, to a certain degree – they have their own private gardens that are open to the lodgers, giving you privacy with all the ready access to nearby shopping and activities. You can spend the day shopping, sight-seeing, and dining at nice restaurants, and then walk a few steps and be “home.”



Face it – B&Bs have a bad reputation as far as bathroom accommodations go. Everyone expects to have to use the family bath down the hall. Once again, the stereotype is far from the truth. Property owners who remodel their homes and property for business purposes will make it a priority to include a private bath for each room. There are still a few “community bathrooms” out there, but most rooms include your own private bath – often with a whirlpool bath – for two!



Now, back to the “frumpy” part. You can find B&B accommodations in Somerset to fit any design taste you like. Whether you crave the classic Victorian frills and antiques, or sleek, uncluttered modern, there are B&Bs out there that will make you comfortable.



You will not be sleeping in grandma’s feather bed. These lodgings have to follow the same health codes as any other business, and your beds will be fresh, clean, and sanitary. You will also probably have your own garden area to enjoy.

Other Benefits

If you have food allergies, the cooking staff is usually more likely to help out with a special menu. Some more remote B&Bs will provide a vehicle, upon request. Plus – and this is a big one – there are not very many people there! B&Bs are typically much quieter than hotels, and being smaller, do not attract large groups of people.

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