Leaving Your Life To Practice Yoga


2013 turned out to be a pivotal year for thousands of people who found their lives upturned through job loss. As thousands of people across the world have struggled to find a new place, and a new peace in their lives, many have turned to yoga.

Facing Stress

Facing the stresses of life are hard enough, but when you lose your job, or find your life dominated by your job, the stresses become almost deadly. The many aspects of changing professions can overwhelm many people, and to leave these stresses for something as nebulous as an “exercise program”. However, not only can participating in yoga help you deal with stress, it can actually provide you with an alternate way to make a living, with proper participation.

Ebb and Flow

The ebb and flow of life goes far beyond the “circle of life” concept. Every life has its successes and failures. Rudyard Kipling may have phrased it best in his poem “if”:

“…If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same…

If you can make one heap of all your winnings and risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss…

Yours is the earth, and everything that’s in it,

and – which is more –

You’ll be a man, my son!”

Yes, dropping out of a job that pays well is risky, but you can deal with the stresses ahead of you. The success and failure of life is part of the overall picture, and with an evolving mind set and growing skills, you can move on to a more fulfilling life.

Start With a Business Plan


This may sound counter-intuitive to shrugging off the coils of stressful business, but to leave your life behind and start a new, fulfilling act of service, you need a business plan. If you have the luxury of planning ahead to leave your life-sucking career, you can work out a plan to ease your transition.

Consider planning out the next three to five years to give yourself a chance to rid your life of unnecessary debt and learn the skills of your new avocation. Yoga has many different schools, and as a yogi, you will want to know as much about each of these schools as possible. If you have a family, you will want to make sure they are provided for with all of the necessities.

Preparation for your new life is a luxury if you lost your job, but a plan will still make all the difference in staying afloat and sinking in your own misdirection and self-doubt.


Faith and Love


Your business plan is a concrete listing of facts and figures that help to give shape to the mechanics of your life. The spirit of your life, however, is shaped by faith and love. You need to keep faith in yourself, regardless of popular opinion or criticism of your former fellow workers. Even family can get in the way of belief in yourself, casting their own doubts on you and presenting a stumbling block.

Remember that you are just starting out, and any startup Yoga company or detox retreat in the UK will have its rough spots. But, you know your own heart and spirit, and you know your goals. Practice verbalizing your goals.

Remember that what you love is the soul of your business, your family, and your life. Many other people out there are looking for strength and peace, and you can be their guide to a better life.

By keeping the faith and love of your life in view, you will remember to care about the other people in your life. You are not a “self made” person – everybody in your life has affected you, and the sooner you can face that, the better. Care about others, without making your success dependent on them.



Realism is not kind, but neither are dreams that clash with reality. Set reasonable goals, and be realistic with yourself about your skills, your surroundings, and your needs. By being realistic, you actually make your dreams more likely to be actualized. Being realistic means that you face the fact that turning your dream to reality takes time. Being realistic means that you admit that your decision may cause family and friends to worry about you.


Stepping Stones

Successful people in any field will tell you that failures are merely stepping stones. While this may seem trite, it is certainly true. Anyone who succeeds must overcome the stumbling blocks that would make lesser people give up. You must have a bigger picture. If you get stuck watching the small things, you’ll lose sight of the big picture. Christians have a story about one of the original disciples who, at the bidding of Jesus Christ, got out of a boat and walked on the water. But, as the disciple got distracted by the waves around him, he began to sink. He reached out to Christ, who took his hand and brought him to safety.

This story exemplifies the importance of keeping your eye on the goal. When you get distracted by the vagaries of life, you forget the big picture. You lose sight of the goal.

To leave your life of stress and frustration, you can make a plan for fulfillment. Practice yoga, and lead others in the practice, and build your new life and business.


Plus Sized Clothing For Winter


The plus sized woman often dreads winter. Besides being cold and icy, the added bulk of winter clothing doesn’t always encourage the plus-sized woman. However, with a little shopping savvy, and a little confidence, you can rock the winter look.

Face It


Come on, fact it. You’re not a size 12. Heck, you’re probably not even a size 18. Stop waiting until you are a size 12 to feel good about yourself. Feel great now, by dressing in those quality materials and great styles that make you look like a million.

Reduce Bulk

Quite often, winter wardrobes are layered. While this can be a lot of fun, it can also be uncomfortable, regardless of your weight. You can reduce the bulk of your winter clothing by purchasing sweaters, scarves, and other clothing items that are lightweight. Smaller knit fabrics won’t bind as much when you’re having to dress in layers.

Add Bulk

On the other hand, if you enjoy bulky, rib-knit sweaters, there is no reason to avoid them. Often, in fairly seasonable weather, you can dispense with the bulky overcoat and just wear a nice, heavy sweater. I found a nice place to buy sweaters called The Pink Rooster. The plus sized woman can accessorize that plush sweater with scarves, jewelry, and boots, and totally own the season.

Several Coats

Where I grew up, winter lasted about 2 months, and we hoped for a freeze that would last for 3 days so that it would kill the boll weevils. My sisters and I each had a winter coat, and that was it. Then, one day, I met a transplant from New York City. She had no less than FIVE winter coats! They were fashion statements for her, and they were beautiful! She had a red one with pleats and bell-shaped sleeves, an ankle length black leather one – well, the list goes on. That’s when I realized that coats are not just for keeping you warm; you could wear a blanket for that. Coats are for STYLE! I now have 3 winter coats. One is for December, one for January, and one just for fun. I’m a big girl, and I love my new coats. And, do you know what people notice? They don’t notice the size of the coat, they notice how stylish I am.



Jewelry, scarves, boots, wraps, hats, you name it, all these accessories are the polish that makes you shine. You will pull the entire look together with your accessories. The key here is to count to 10. If you’re worried about not adding enough, or might add too many accessories, count them all. For example, you’re wearing a scarf, stacked bangles on one wrist, a cuff on the other wrist. You’re wearing a couple of rings, earrings, a belt, and cuffs with your knee boots. That totals 9 accessories. Boots count as an accessory, because they help to establish your style and make a statement. Oh, your bag makes 10. So, you’re a perfect 10 with your accessories. The minimum should be about 5. Less than 5 accessories make you look underdressed.

How Furniture Position Can Effect Energy Flow


Feng shui is an interesting concept, its basically a method to allow good energy to flow. When it comes to Feng Shui furniture placement, we’re talking about placing your furniture in a position that will let good energy flow through your home. In Feng Shui, there are certain rules that have to be followed, for instance, you cannot have furniture items blocking internal doors or walkways.

One of the most important positions in Feng Shui is called the commanding position. The commanding  position is the position furthest away from the door, usually in the diagonal. This spot is best for either putting an office desk (to increase productivity) or also, its a good idea to put your bed into this position. There are usually several commanding spots in any given room. The commanding position can be wrong though, for instance, if your facing the door in the commanding position but you have a window to your back, this is not the full commanding position. There are several factors that will allow you to be sitting in the commanding position, they are:-

  • Do not sit in a direct line with the door
  • Sit far away from the door
  • Have a good view of the door
  • Have strong backing

These should help you decide on where to put the furniture in the majority of your home, you should be able to feel the difference when walking around and it applies to pretty much everything in your house, for instance hall tables and even shoe racks!

Feng Shui also works for the kitchen, as you might have guessed. There are a few tricks one should know about using Feng Shui for the kitchen. You may also realise that it will be hard to move certain items, and it may be beneficial to learn the basics before your kitchen is even finished. For instance, the stove needs to be placed in a position so that when it is being used, the users back is not facing the door otherwise this will encourage the wrong type of energy. Also, the sink and refrigerator should not be by the stove for this promotes fire energy and water energy being together when they should not be.

Feng Shui is a great way to try to invite good feelings into your dwelling. Your personal space will benefit from good furniture placement, and hopefully make it so that the chi flows well within your home environment.




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