Gardening A Great Hobby


Are you looking for a new hobby – one that can be exciting and rewarding? Then consider gardening! That’s right, gardening can be one of the most satisfying hobbies you’ve ever tried, and here’s how to make it happen.

Inside Gardening

Apartment dwellers, don’t be discouraged from gardening just because you have limited outside access. Indoor gardening is fun, and can create beautiful results. For example, Bonsai gardening is a centuries old tradition with lots of science behind it. Do your research, and find out what kind of plants and trees can live the best indoors as you perform the art of Bonsai, clipping roots and branches and training the growth of your selected plant. Indoor landscaping doesn’t even need to use real plants, there are plenty of artificial house plants that look real enough to give your home that special finishing touch, but you’ll need to do a bit of work on the lighting.

Lighting for inside gardening may be a problem at times, but that is easily overcome with the use of grow lights. You can purchase a single grow light for an area of your home, and it will provide enough light to help plants grow for an area of about 5 feet. If you have selected low-light plants, you may not even need a grow light, but you can still use one to get the mandatory amount of light for your plants every day, if you need to. This is especially helpful if you want to raise herbs.

Plants that thrive in little to no natural light are lucky bamboo, spider plants, and golden pothos ivy. Lucky bamboo is a section of bamboo that is rooted in a potting mixture. It will continue growing, allowing you to sculpt the branches as it grows. Bromeliads are another great choice, surviving for months in low light, with their brightly colored blooms cheering the space.

Outdoor Gardening

When you say the word “gardening”, outdoor gardening is usually the mental picture that people have. Acres of vegetable gardens may come to mind. However, this is only one type of outdoor gardening. Container gardening is increasingly popular, and can be accomplished by the city and apartment dweller. It’s almost an artistic take on gardening with the use of beautiful containers as part of the attraction. The flow of plants as they drape over the edge of the container, and the combination of height, color, and textures, can make the container gardening a beautiful addition to your porch, veranda, or balcony. It doesn’t have to be limited to container gardening either, keeping the lawn in good condition can either be satisfying, or it can be a chore. The question is, are you the one that will do it? Or will you hire a company like lawnmaster to get the job done for you?

Raised gardening is another popular take on the traditional kitchen garden. These are usually built out of rot-resistant wood and filled with rich, fertile soil. At 18 inches to 30 inches high, and usually no more than 3 feet wide, the raised planting bed is much easier to tend than the traditional row gardening.


Nothing can beat the reward of a beautiful garden. The combination of textures, seasonal growth, and colours is constantly evolving, presenting new and beautiful scenes for your enjoyment. You can see the fruits of your labours take bloom, literally, as you garden to your heart’s content. And, don’t forget that every living plant adds oxygen to the atmosphere and filters the air. Not a bad exchange for your work, is it?

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